• PPC Markting vs. PPV Marketing

    PPV Marketing vs. PPC Marketing

    pay per view advertisingIn this article I will attempt to explain how PPV marketing works and explain what PPV Marketing is about and how you can begin marketing using this form of marketing.  Yahoo, Bing and Google are the top 3 PPC advertisers in the business today.  Many online users are familiar with sponsored links with these advertisers. AdWords is Google’s terminology for advertiser sponsored links. Most search engines use PPC or pay-pay-click for sponsored search results.

    Advertising isn’t just restricted to the search engines and through pay-per-click. Another form of advertising known, as PPV or pay-per-view is a good way to increase your ROI.  As its name suggests, in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the advertiser pays a cost when a user clicks on a particular ad. The cost for clicking each “sponsored link” depends on what keyword the person looked for in his/her search. Furthermore, there is a bidding component to PPC advertising depending on how popular, or broad a particular keyword or keyword phrase is.  With PPV advertising, the advertiser is charged based on the number of times the advertisement is actually shown.

    PPV Marketing Guide

    Ad-warenetworks are the source of PPV traffic. If you do a little research, you will find that is quite a bit cheaper to buy keywords on these networks than it is on PPC type networks.  Ad-ware is often mistaken for spyware which is not the case at all. Spyware is installed without user consent on a computer and is illegal. Ad-ware is installed with consent from a user on their computer.  An Ad-ware client may be installed on a user’s computer alongside a computer game, email client, free antivirus, etc.  A condition of being able to play an online game may involve agreeing to view sponsored websites and ads. Ad-ware is perfectly legal and a great source of traffic from the many millions of users who use computers daily.

    PPV and How It Works

    The ad-ware software is triggered when a user searches online for a certain keyword or visits certain websites. This webpage is an advertisement and may pop under or pop over the current web browsing window. Every time the advertisement pops up, that is considered a view and the advertiser is charged. Each time the ad is shown, unlike PPC, the advertiser is charged a fee for their squeeze page or landing page showing up on the user’s computer.

    PPV AdvertisingPPV Marketing

    With PPC advertising you choose the networks you show your PPC ads on. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com etc. are examples of advertising networks for PPC advertising. Like PPC advertising, you also choose the network your PPV advertisements are going to be showcased on.  Online, there are many PPV networks that you can advertise with. I will try to explain a few of them that you can research and possibly use.

    * Trafficvance – Trafficvance is a popular network and has good demographic data of its subscribers and user base. If you are a seasoned advertiser, TrafficVance may be good for you.  It costs a minimum of $1000 and as of the date of this article you can only get in by referral only.

    * Media Traffic – Media Traffic offers 3 ways to buy targeted traffic and drive quality visitors to your website: Highly Targeted, Broad Targeted and RON (run of network).

    * Lead Impact Network – Reach an audience of millions of consumers through our powerful online advertising solution that combines the precise targeting of paid search with the compelling creative of display, allowing advertisers to achieve search-like ROI, at a fraction of the cost.
    These 3 should give you a good idea of where to begin your advertising efforts.

    Is PPV Advertising Good?

    Advertisers bid on keywords when using either PPV or PPC advertising. If a keyword is popular, then the bid to be first is higher; thus you are spending more by guaranteeing a high placement in the search engine rankings.  In addition to bidding on keywords, the PPV networks provide the ability to bid on URLs. URLs are now “keywords” and allow you to expand your advertising options.  Since PPV is charged per view, the advertiser can buy ad views for as little as $0.017 (1.7 cents!). Pay-per-click advertising is not as cheap as PPV advertising.  Compared to PPC advertising, click-through rates using PPV advertising are significantly lower.

    Where Should I Begin With PPV?Pay Per View Targeting

    PPV marketing suggests the following steps for your advertising:

    1. Begin by opening an account with one of the PPV network.
    2. Download and install the ad-ware program on your computer for that particular network.
    3. Start browsing and visit other web sites.
    4. Intensify and do some thorough keywords research for your particular niche.

    This is the fastest way to begin your PPV marketing.  Also, know that most PPV Networks charge a pretty high minimum to start working with them and this is to keep the riffraff out of there network and confine it to those marketers who are serious about their business.

    Other Suggestions?

    Selling product and getting a great ROI is the purpose of advertising.  PPC and PPV provide a way to advertise but they differ from each other. Don’t forget your research, testing and re-testing of your traffic sources.  Doing some split testing of different ads will help you save money in the end and also allow you to be able to ramp up the right campaign.  The critical component of PPV and PPC success is keyword research. Your advertising ROI is dependent on the quality of your keyword research; don’t neglect your keyword research.

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