How to Get Leads for Your Business With Drop Cards

MLM leads with Drop Cards?
Drop-cards are one of the easiest offline Methods

One of the easiest and most fun ways to get MLM leads offline is to use the $100 bill drop cards.  This is so simple that your whole team can do it.  This article will give you 5 easy marketing strategies that you can use to get MLM leads using drop cards and it will definitely change the way you look at offline marketing.

What are Drop Cards?

Drop Cards are fake dollar bills that look real when they are folded and you get a lot of mlm leads if you know how to use it.  The most effective card is the $100 bill. The purpose of the card is to advertise your business or your products on the back of the card. When you drop it someone will pick it up because it looks real.  When I first heard about it I didn’t think it would work, but don’t sleep on it because it is very effective.  A lot of the methods that you are going to read about came from some of my close business partners that are getting results with Drop cards.

Drop Cards what should you write on the back?

What ever you write on the drop card should capture your prospects attention and it should have your website on it.  I don’t recommend putting your phone number on it.  Here are some examples that you could write on the back of the card If you want to work your whole life, that’s your business.  If you don’t that’s my business!  Visit another one you can use is Don’t just wish this was real, do something about it! Visit

5 simple ways to use Drop cardsdropcard_example

1.  Libraries and Bookstores

You can go to any library or book store in your area and find books that your ideal prospect will read, for example anything by Network Marketing, Donald trump, books on network marketing, Think and Grow Rich, The best Salesman in the world, and just put one of your drop cards in one of the chapters.

2.  Anywhere that you have to wait

You can place some of the drop cards in the magazines at the doctors office, barber shops, beauty salons, the magazines at the check out counter in the supermarket.  This is good because people always look at magazines when they have to wait.

3.  Leave Tips

I don’t mean that you should just leave a drop card as a tip lol. You should leave a real money tip with your waiter or waitress, make sure it is a nice tip and then slip a drop card in the tip.  If you are cheap when you tip the waiter or waitress, this will not work.  Another good place to leave a tip is in a hotel room for the people who clean the room.  You can also write a note that says “I know cleaning rooms is not the easiest job in the world, but if you keep your options open to making additional money give me a call” and of course you leave the drop card with the note and the tip.  I got that from my friend Darren.

4.  AirPlanes

Drop cards are great on airplanes.  Try to get on the plane as early as possible and put a drop card in all of the magazine that are in the seats.  Passengers are always flipping through the magazines on the plane.

5.  Toll Booths

When you are getting ready to go through a tool booth look in your rare view mirror and make sure that the car behind you looks decent, if it looks decent pay for their toll and give the person working at the booth a drop card and tell them to give it to the person behind you.  Why a decent car? Simple you want to speak to people who look like they can afford to get involved in a network marketing business.


Using drop cards to get MLM leads is one of the easiest methods that you can use.  It is also very easy for your team to duplicate without going through a lot of rejection.  Using drop cards to get MLM leads are usually not taught by MLM companies, so you can use this method and share it with your team and watch your business grow.