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My Email Mentor
Done for Your Email Marketing System

Let me sum it all up for you so you can get started quickly. If you would like to see a video that tells the entire story, SIMPLY CLICK HERE.

1. A friend of mine named Bobby B, in 2014 I Made over $1.4 Million Dollars using email marketing, doing exactly what I’m going to do for you.

2. This entire system is completely free. You will not a single dime to get set up and start making money today. (Email Autoresponder not included)

3. Every single day, I generate thousands and thousands of new people to put on our email lists. Yet, no matter what I do, I can not get personally set up enough email sending accounts to be able to email all of the people that I generate every single day.

4. So. I team up with people like you, we share the email sending accounts, we set everything up, and I pay you for maintaining the email account. You will spend about 10 minutes a WEEK maintaining the account, and can make upwards of $700 a month or more.

5. As soon as you joined, I built a page for you and started sending some of my Massive Advertising to your page, which is right now generating new subscribers for you. These are YOUR subscribers, that will be imported into your email account.

6. MAKE YOUR FIRST $100 WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR: ALL you have to do is sign up for a FREE Email Sending account with Email Response Pros and enter the username and password into Step 2 of this training. As soon as you enter your Email Response Pros Username and Password into the form on Step 2, $100 is immediately added to your commissions! You can see the commissions at the top right of this page.

7. The system is COMPLETELY FREE and automated. The messages are already set up and ready to go. Literally all you have to do is log into your account each week and import your list. The system will then do everything else and you will then start making money in the next 24 hours. We will train you on every single step, and be here all the time if you need any assistance.

8. If we could set up 100 accounts ourselves, we would, but the Email Sending company will not allow us to do that. So, if you will set up a FREE Email Sending Account, we will do all of the work to get it set up and you will start making money. The Account is free and you will not pay anything for the email account for a full 7 days. By then, you will have earned more than $100. If at any time you don’t want to do it any more, just log in and close the account. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

9. Your autoresponder messages are already set up in your account, the second you set it up… All you have to do is export your list from Step 3 and import it the way we show you. The emails will start to run and within 24 hours you will start making money. For every click generated, you earn 20c. Sign up today and send us your account information and by tomorrow night you can log back into this training, click on Commission Stats at the top of this page and you’ll see money coming in for you every single day.

10. This is a 100% NO LOSE business. There is absolutely NO way you can lose money. We’ve already signed up everyone we know, so I created this system to open it up to people like you.

If you would like to see a video that tells the entire story, SIMPLY CLICK HERE.

Let’s say you have just 1500 subscribers on your list that I give you. Once your system is set up, it will automatically send out an email for you every day, and should generate around 50 clicks a day. You make 20 cents a click, so that’s $10.00 you made for that 1 email. Add to your list each week like I show you and the system will automatically send your email every day, and you could easily make around $700 in your first month!

I look forward to seeing you on my team and to help you reach your goals in your life and that of your family.



Our Goal at Wealth Creation Marketing and in conjunction with the Dwayne Campbell Marketing is to help 1000+ people in 2015 create a monthly recurring income of $5000 per month.  Our Vision is quite simple:  a 100% success rate in helping you and all members of our team reach their financial goals.  As a token of my appreciation for you reading my article, I would like to offer you a “FREE” no obligation 4-Part Video Series, Total Domination Engineering, explaining just how one of our members earned over $700,000 in just his first 28 days in one of our businesses.  I would also like to offer you a “Free Lead Generation System” absolutely free just for putting in your email address and watching this training valued at over $995.  I look forward to having you on my team and more importantly to help you with your financial goals in 2015.  Thank you, take care, and God Bless.