• Creating a Viral Facebook Post

    Why Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Going Viral And How To Fix It

    13     Many have heard of viral posts where an uploaded post enjoys a high response and liking. These posts are forwarded or shared with personal circles of contacts on Facebook or other social media networks that make them famous within minutes…across the globe.

    A lot of consumers and businesses suffer from unsuccessful viral posts that leave them dejected and envious of others. There is a buildup of discontent and insufficiency that their Facebook post is not as high quality or impacting as they would like it to be.

    Getting a Facebook post to go viral is a challenge to most users. It is an art and skill one must work hard to achieve. Facebook has stepped in to reduce its efforts on organic reaching posts, especially business fan pages to stay true to its original intentions. However, not all is lost; with the myriad of tools available in the market, today…boosting your Facebook post to go viral is not that hard.

    Posts that go viral must eliminate certain problems that hinder their global release. Fixing these issues may open the floodgates to beyond the boundaries…when executed properly.

    1) Non-impacting Posts

    Viral posts must influence readers or viewers deeply.  Posts that must be packed with emotion or have the capability of stirring up viewers’ emotions. Emotion is a strong component in Facebook posting. It grabs viewer’s attention and instigates actions which viewers may not normally comply to. There would be more drama, humor or frustration instigated by the posts. Such emotions are powerful to compel viewers to forward the post to others who are impacted similarly. Hence, the post goes viral.

    Resolving unemotional posts is plausible with a personal post. Exciting and unique stories are appealing to the human mind and heart, especially with issues that are easily relatable and solvable. This would stir up compassion and empathy over sympathy and indifference to cause an active participation in spreading the post to others. Hence, the post goes viral.

    Viewers like to be entertained or emotionally charged to forward a Facebook post that speaks to them personally before they f37d405bea9713ffd7907232c325251bconsider it worthy and shareable with others. Sometimes emotions alone are the factor that prompts others to share your post.  When the post’s content impacts the reader or viewer, proactive participation is expected, which causes the post to go viral. People relate to people through emotions that instigate reaction and response to those feelings of belonging or that they are not the only one.

    2) Boring Contents

    Boring content would not be good material for a post to go viral. The content may be relevant and useful, but if the presentation is boring, the reader’s attention is sidetracked before they reach the end of your post. Such posts are deemed ‘not share-worthy’ by the social community.

    Certain topics make boring content; these include breakfast choices or movie theater preference etc.  Even poignant observations in the text would not make the grade for viral posting.  It is considered boring content presented in an unexciting manner. There is none of the ‘feel good’ material in such text which others will become uninterested in.

    Creativity is the key factor to getting Facebook posts to go viral. The presentation is crucial to stir up curiosity and interest; even with what an individual had for breakfast. For example, many fans would be interested in what their favorite celebrity had had for breakfast, especially if there were some juicy rumors attached. Boring content needs to be spiced up to be considered viral material. However, the spicing up must be accrued to facts that are creatively presented and not untruths just to make the grade.

    3) Wrong Posting Times

    When you fill a Facebook post with exciting content, it could go viral when posted at the best times that viewers are online. Great posts could miss the train for a viral journey if they posted when viewers are not online. By the time viewers get online, it would be stale news, which no one would be interested to pass on.

    When an original post activates, that viral post is usually happening within that few minutes!  If marketers do not know their best posting times, their efforts in generating the best Facebook post will be in vain. Hence, marketers need to track their marketing activities and endeavors to gain further insights on what works and what does not.

    The Fan Page Insights feature is ideal in monitoring when Facebook followers are online to ensure the best posting times so that there is a higher chance of their post going viral.

     4) Non-Transparency in Sharing

    As the saying goes, “Like begets like”, viral posts happen when the post originator is open to share deeply from the heart and true experience. This would motivate readers to join the fray of being open and transparent in response to what is shared or posted.

    Viral posts usually stem from a snowball effect where the post originator opens up and starts the ball rolling. Marketers who wish for a viral Facebook post must invest a little in Facebook ads or enhance their Fan Page content personally to be intriguing and attractive to lure more traffic and fans.

    This would mean an open sharing on personal social media accounts via the Fan Page which would be made public. This could be outside of Facebook where other social channels are employed. More networks attract more partners to spread the word around in creating a viral Facebook post.

    5) Non-Interaction on Posts

    downloadBusiness owners and marketers understand the importance of a personal interaction with their customers as well as potential leads that have yet to make a purchase. The latter is not sidelined, but pursued with consistent passion and patience until they make a purchase. It is possible that not all fans would share the same sentiments in every post on Facebook especially business content.

    However, it is okay to post topics that could generate an intense interaction with the reader. At the end of the day, this builds strong and lasting customer relations that benefit the business.

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